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ALL WE CAN’T SEE – Group Exhibition – Yellow House – Sydney

go to link   In August 2016 The Guardian published The Nauru Files, leaked incident reports written by staff in Australia’s detention centre on Nauru between 2013 and 2015. These files detail 2,116 individual cases of assault, sexual abuse, self-harm, child abuse and abhorrent living conditions endured by asylum...

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SYDNEY WRITERS FESTIVAL 2016 The Transformative Power of Art Code: 183  |  Type: Panel   |  Genres: Art & Design, Health, Biography & Memoir THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT Kelsey Montague and Joshua Yeldham talk about art and its power to heal and renew with ABC RN’s Cassie McCullagh. Kelsey is an internationally renowned street artist who’s known for her large...

ABC – ONE PLUS ONE Artist Joshua Yeldham was targeted by school bullies, but found his feet through travel and a successful foray into film-making. Nowadays his focus is on family, fine art and the mysticism of the Australian landscape. Jane Hutcheon Video Link...

Good Weekend – Sydney Morning Herald

Forex trade cycle in e commerce Artist Joshua Yeldham's journey from darkness to light As a sensitive lad boarding at a top private school, Joshua Yeldham was tormented by bullies. Finding refuge from their taunts in painting and drawing, he discovered a new way to live. By Mark Dapin. When Joshua Yeldham was...